Intensive of Functional Synthesis Sessions for a child with autism.


Two Possibilities for 5-Day Intensives this summer!

  • June 10-14 in Monrovia, CA at Real Connections Institute - contact Birgit for more info

  • July 10-14 in Ojai, CA - contact Birgit for more info

What is a NeuroMovement Intensive and why do them?

An intensive is a series of NeuroMovement lessons done in a short amount of time. Typically, they consist of two lessons per day, and vary from 2-5 days in duration. The reason to do intensives is simple. It's the best format to drive changes quickly. Think of language immersion programs; it's the same concept. The greater number of lessons and their proximity in time allow the student and practitioner to build and expand on what was learned in previous lessons. 

What is a Weekend Intensive?

Weekend intensives consist of four lessons in two days. I chose this format because it makes it possible for most of my clients to fit ABMNM into their already busy work, school, and therapy schedules. Most of my weekend intensives are held in Burbank, and the longer intensives in Ojai. Please take a look at the calendar to find out the dates for each location. 

3-5 Day Intensives

To drive changes faster longer intensives are fantastic! The amount of learning that can happen in a 5-day/10-lesson intensive is exponentially more compared to the same amount of lessons given over several weeks, and they often result in break-through outcomes.

What makes the longer intensives for children so successful?

One aspect that greatly contributes to the success of longer intensives is that the parents often get to spend more time with their kids than normal. Usually parents have to take time off from work to be able to do an intensive and are pulled out of their daily routines. That's a good thing! That makes them be more open to learning themselves. 

Intensives with 4 Families

My favorite way to do intensives is to work with several families at the same time. This is a format typically used by traveling practitioners, to make it worth their trip and keep the cost down for the families. But it has other advantages besides being efficient; the parents get to meet each other and can exchange about their experiences. The kids get an opportunity to make new friends. Look at my calendar to find out the dates for intensives this summer.

Parent Education

I believe that in addition to the lessons for the child, getting the parents trained in ABM NeuroMovement makes a big difference. If the parents can continue the learning process we facilitate through the ABM lessons at home, there is no stopping the child! For this reason, I spend a lot of time coaching and educating parents in how to use the ABM principles in their daily life. In my last two 5-day intensives I offered group sessions for the parents to get some first-hand experience of a movement lesson themselves and learn more about the theory behind the method.

Practitioner Upgrade

Just like for the child, an intensive is intense for me as well and brings about a lot of positive change. Working with several kids in one day for several days in a row provides me with a lot of new information that results in a heightened ability for me to problem-solve with each child. 

Enjoy beautiful Ojai!

My home office is located in downtown Ojai. Coming to this beautiful town means you are getting a vacation along with the intensive :) Ojai is one of the most beautiful places in California! Get yourself a nice hotel or Airbnb near my office and enjoy having parks, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants, a toy store, and more in walking distance. There is lots of fun stuff to do in this area. You can go to the beach, or for a little hike, visit the farmers market, or just chill out.