Neil Sharp, Birgit Jung-Schmitt, Anat Baniel, JR Smith, Angelina Vlasenko. Celebrating Graduation from the Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Professional Training.


Looking to expand my skills as a yoga student and instructor, I came across the Anat Baniel Method in 2008. I immediately fell in love with the approach and right away started bringing what I learned into practicing and teaching yoga. 

I was dealing with chronic pain issues at that time and was thrilled to discover how quickly these long held patterns could change for the better.

Yoga poses that were a struggle or seemed out of reach all together, became pleasurable and a real possibility. Soon I noticed positive changes in many other areas as well, making my life a whole lot better.


I am a member of Anat Baniel's support staff at her professional trainings and love to volunteer to transcribe and edit training materials. I have been an assistant teacher at Anat Baniel's Parent-Child workshops and organized public workshops to bring Anat to my communities in Tucson, AZ and Ventura, CA.


  • ABM NeuroMovement┬« Practitioner, 2015
  • ABM for Children with Special Needs, 2016
  • ABM for Anti-Aging & Vitality, 2017
  • ABM for High Performers, 2017
  • Supervision with Sylvia Shordike, 2016

THANK YOU to all my wonderful teachers: Anat Baniel, Marcy Lindheimer, Sylvia Shordike, Suzi Marks, Carla Oswald Reed, Deb Loest Deppe, Sharon Tompsky, Neil Sharp, and Randy Roberts.