NeuroMovement® for Pain Relief, Vitality and Well-Being


Fridays 5:30 - 6:30 pm.

LOCATION: Cosmotion, 2343 East Thompson Blvd, Ventura CA

What to expect

Expect breakthrough outcomes! By accessing the amazing power of the brain to change itself, NeuroMovement classes help people to discover how to improve mind and body dramatically enhancing physical, cognitive, emotional, and creative performance.

Each class will be different and you will begin experiencing immediate changes. The focus of the lessons is on enhancing brain function leading to transformational outcomes and rapid changes in flexibility, strength, pain relief, acquisition of new skills and improvement of existing ones, mental clarity, vitality, and well-being. 

  • Overcome aches, pains and limitation
  • Increase strength and flexibility throughout your body
  • Sharpen your thinking and awareness; enhance creativity
  • Improve balance and prevent injury
  • Discover ease and joy in all movement

A typical movement lesson is  45 - 60 minutes long. The teacher gives instructions to guide the students to experiment different movements around a theme. Initial movements are small and simple and gradually increasing. The students are invited to bring attention to the movement and how it feels. Doing many variations and then coming back to initial movements, students can experience their immediate changes in the greater ease and clarity they gained through their exploration. As the changes that occurred in a lesson get integrated, the students will find themselves spontaneously using the newly learned ways of moving in their daily lives. The teachers role is that of a facilitator who is simply giving an opportunity to the students to safely explore something new, letting them figure it out themselves instead of showing them how to do it, helping them become aware of what they do so they can get more say and freedom in their own actions.



Cynthia: "Learning through movement under your dedicated guidance has been a life changing experience. I've experienced chronic back pain for several decades, which included a continuous clenching effect of the neck and shoulders. My right shoulder had become painful and useless enough to require learning to use the left arm only. Shoulder surgery and pain pills offered short term relief. It wasn't until I attended NeuroMovement classes that I found a means to long lasting comfort that can be practiced all day, every day, without pain.

It was when I learned to use my brain in connection with each movement, that I found lasting relief. I don't know how to express something so supposedly simple, in such tiny increments of the process and progress of movement, that could culminate in such rapid and lasting comfort, with the participation of thoughtful practice. It's the re-connection between mind and body that remind us we are completely whole, and are capable of teaching ourselves to feel that way again, no matter what damage the body sustained."

Chris:  "When I first started ABM I had trouble just getting to the ground, getting back up was an adventure. After a little over 1 year I now have several methods of getting to my back for a scan. I can also get to standing with little or no pain. With R A as my main source of pain and knee replacement a strong 2nd, ABM has allowed me to manage the daily pain. A scan before and after a session helps me focus on the benefits of that particular session. I can now stand for long time periods on my knees. Just a small example of the benefits of ABM."

Catherine W.:  "When I started taking classes with Birgit 5 weeks ago, I was in a lot of pain. I'm 63 years old and my lower back pain often made my whole body hurt because I would tense up from the pain. I was going to the gym and working out 4 days a week which helped me to loosen up, but I realized that it wasn't helping my back pain and seemed to make it worse. I started swimming and doing stretching in the water every morning instead of using weights and resistance machines to try to loosen the tightness and ease the pain. I did the same exact things every day and still was in a lot of pain. Birgi't NeuroMovement class has taught me to be curious about my body and the way I move it. And in so doing, I have learned ways to ease the tension and ease the pain. I have changed the ways I move in the water and how I move my body, in general. I continue to experiment with movement every day. The pain is still there, but it's very mild and no longer prevents me from enjoying my life. I feel motivated and have energy to do more than just sit around. Thanks, Birgit, for teaching us that changing old habits can bring such great rewards."