Private lessons for children and adults, Oct 30 - Nov 4 --- almost completely booked, call soon if interested!

TWO WORKSHOPS:  Friday 11/4, 6-8 pm & Saturday 11/5, 2-5 pm.

Location: Tucson Creative Dance Center, 3131 N Cherry Ave, Tucson AZ

These are both introductory workshops. They can be taken separately or together. They will complement each other nicely. The cost for the Friday workshop is $30, for the Saturday one $40,. $60 for both.

Register here to reserve your spot

In both workshops you will about NeuroMovement in theory and direct experience. You will learn what the prerequisites are for the brain to wake up and form new connections and patterns. New connections means new possibilities for moving, thinking, feeling and action. Learn how to create these conditions for yourself to improve what you do and reach new levels of performance, also to create new skills. Also learn how to use the same principles to help somebody else, your child, student, or client to get better and move beyond their current limitations. In the guided movement lessons you will get to witness how quickly change can happen in this way and how quickly your brain reorganizes and gives you more pleasant outcomes simply by you bringing attention to what you do and experimenting with some variations.

Moshe Feldenkrais, who was my teacher's teacher, said: "If you know what you do, you can do what you want." It's a big deal!!! If you have dreams in your life that you haven't dared to tackle yet, come to the workshop! Also if you long for more strength and flexibility, greater ease in your movement, come! And if you feel amazing, beautiful, brilliant, everything is working out perfectly for you, also come to the workshop!! Because you don't have to have a problem to get better! The possibility of getting better throughout life is exciting, it doesn't make what and how you do right now less or wrong, it simply becomes the platform for your next step. I love how my teacher, Anat Baniel, sees it: "There is perfect, and then there is another perfect." If chose to, we can get better, and better, and better, and there is no end to it!!