Private lessons are completely customized to the particular needs and skill level of each client. Clients are called “students” because the purpose of the sessions is to bring about transformation through experiential learning. The student can be as young as a few days old and all the way up into the 90’s. 

The teacher uses gentle touch to connect to the student and help the student feel what they are doing and indicate movement possibilities. This process helps the student to gain clarity, discover new movement options and expand their skills by forming new neural connections for movement.  Completely new movement can be formed that way and function that has been lost due to injury or a stroke re-learned. 

For best outcomes, the recommendation is to do intensives of several lessons within a short time - e.g. three lessons in one week with adults, or one or two lessons per day for several days in a row with young children. How many sessions a student needs depends on the condition and goals of the client. To find out more about intensives click here. I regularly offer weekend intensives in Burbank and also longer intensives in Ojai. It'll say on my calendar when they are happening. In addition to those dates you can also schedule appointments to create your own intensives. 

Length of lessons: 30-45 minutes.

To make appointments for lessons please call or email. 



Colette:  “ On October 15, 2012 I suffered a massive left-brain hemorrhage that I wasn't expected to survive from, and certainly wasn't expected to ever walk or talk again, if I did. However, by the grace and hand of Jesus, my speech was spared and with more grace, much hard work and therapy, I regained the partial use of my right side, and ability to walk again, using a cane. 

I was told by doctors that I would only progress so far, and never have full restoration. Yet, I am stubborn and did not want to accept that prognosis.  I also was not afraid of hard work , and pushed myself to gain some slow, but steady gains. I was definitely sold out to the motto "no pain,  no gain", that is, until I was introduced to Anat Baniel therapy, and started working with Birgit. 

I was Introduced to Birgit, when my sister-in-law, Brook, who has watched my journey from the beginning, signed me up for one of Birgit's courses. She lovingly gave me a mandate that I  had to come to at least the first class to see what it was like. She knows me and knows that I am not inclined to do slow moving therapy. I like to work hard so that I feel like I'm doing something. Yet, after one session in the class, I knew something had changed and that I might have to rethink my therapy strategy. Everything was slow moving and nothing was hard, in fact, quite the opposite. 

I continued the weekly classes for four weeks, and also worked with Birgit with private instruction, for a period of five weeks total. In that short amount of time, I have made remarkable changes in my ability to walk, balance, and regain the use of my right arm and hand. I have more hope than ever before. Full recovery, here I come!!! “