Colette had a massive brain hemorrhage in 2012. The ABM lessons are helping her very much in her recovery. To make it easy for her friends and generous supporters to contribute to her lessons we have created this online option of chipping in. As my contribution I have reduced the rate from $90 to $50. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!


Colette:  “ On October 15, 2012 I suffered a massive left-brain hemorrhage that I wasn't expected to survive from, and certainly wasn't expected to ever walk or talk again, if I did. However, by the grace and hand of Jesus, my speech was spared and with more grace, much hard work and therapy, I regained the partial use of my right side, and ability to walk again, using a cane. 

I was told by doctors that I would only progress so far, and never have full restoration. Yet, I am stubborn and did not want to accept that prognosis.  I also was not afraid of hard work , and pushed myself to gain some slow, but steady gains. I was definitely sold out to the motto "no pain,  no gain", that is, until I was introduced to Anat Baniel therapy, and started working with Birgit. 

I was Introduced to Birgit, when my sister-in-law, Brook, who has watched my journey from the beginning, signed me up for one of Birgit's courses. She lovingly gave me a mandate that I  had to come to at least the first class to see what it was like. She knows me and knows that I am not inclined to do slow moving therapy. I like to work hard so that I feel like I'm doing something. Yet, after one session in the class, I knew something had changed and that I might have to rethink my therapy strategy. Everything was slow moving and nothing was hard, in fact, quite the opposite. 

I continued the weekly classes for four weeks, and also worked with Birgit with private instruction, for a period of five weeks total. In that short amount of time, I have made remarkable changes in my ability to walk, balance, and regain the use of my right arm and hand. I have more hope than ever before. Full recovery, here I come!!! “



Jan 28:  After you [Birgit] left, I had to go to the Mall, and as I usually do, when I'm driving, I sing to try strengthen my vocal chords (which were weakened after the last surgery that affected my speech center). And I can't believe the change from yesterday when I was driving and doing the same thing. I was able to sustain notes that I had previously not been able to do, better than yesterday and the best since surgery. I'm convinced that the therapy you did with me this afternoon affected my brain so much that it also affected the function in my brain that controls my vocal chords. Certainly more evidence about the effectiveness of ABM therapy and how God has so marvelous and fearfully made our brains. As one of my favorite Bible verses speaks of: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. (Psalm 139:14 NIV)

Feb 5:  When I got up the next morning the sensation that I had a rod in my right leg [bones that support] was magnified as soon as my right foot hit the floor getting out of bed. And it's not lessening as I walk around and do my daily tasks. 

When I did my therapy (kicking the soccer ball against the wall alternating my left and right foot), I was able to kick with more force (on my right leg) and when I finished the feeling of a straight pole in my leg was intensified. Then I did some chores around the house and wasn't mindful about what I was doing (which usually means that I'm not thinking about my skeleton and how it moves with me) which typically seems to lesson the effects/benefits that I perceive from ABM the following day. But when I returned to mindfulness the sensation was still there. Then I went to do some errands and then to work out at the gym and everything was different from my workout on Wednesday. On the elliptical my right leg was straighter with the glide and strides of my right side. And after my workout the effects of the session that you walked me through on Thursday were intensified further... I can't wait until next Thursday.

Feb 12:  I know that last Thursday (2-11-16) was the most significant session I've ever had with you. I know that my brain was trying to take so much information and process it all at once. I had the most voracious appetite and after I ate wanted to go to sleep. Not only was I exhausted  physically ,but mentally. My brain was trying to process so much. When I tried to call my mom to tell her about the therapy, I couldn't remember the phone number for the life of me. I misdialed it many times. I finally had to ask Seraiah  what her phone number was. That to me was proof to me that there was a lot of processing and changes going on in my brain. Even in the hospital bed, the day after my brain hemorrhage, I was able rattle off her phone number.  

There are so many changes In my proprioception: The stability in my walking is amazing to me. I'm certain it's coming from the new awareness of my right foot- particularly the bone that runs down the right side of my foot. It was more present then it has been since my hemorrhage in October 15, 2012. 

Yesterday evening (2-12-16) I worked out hard at the gym and perceived many changes with the contact of  my right foot with the machinery and increased perception & strength  of my right shoulder, as a side benefit. I was so exhausted when I got home, I went to the bed before my husband- which never happens. I slept nine hours and when I woke up, I reached for the cup on my bedside and  I spilled my water.  I was frantic to clean it up so that my electric blanket switch and my cell phone didn't get destroyed. So I didn't take notice of how my feet hit the floor like I usually do to assess changes after such a intense therapy/workout.

After I cleaned up the mess and carried on with my morning and  returned to mindfulness,  I realized that I was walking almost completely normal and restored like before I had my hemorrhage. Wow ,wow ,wow!!!  I cannot believe the changes and simply can't wait until next Thursday. I will do my homework in the interim, while I'm waiting!